Liz Quinn-Jensen gives second-year talk at UC Santa Barbara's Mini-Con

Liz gave a talk titled "Attributions of Bisexual Discrimination: A Prototype Model Perspective" at UC Santa Barbara's Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences annual Mini-Con.

May 27, 2022

"My research examined how heterosexual people evaluate discrimination against bisexual targets (relative to gay/lesbian and heterosexual targets) using the prototype model of attributions of discrimination framework. I found that people make fewer attributions of discrimination for bisexual female targets when directly compared to lesbian targets. However, we did not find evidence that participants make differential attributions of discrimination between bisexual and gay men. These studies advance the prototype model of attributions of discrimination by demonstrating that status-asymmetry may impact attributions of discrimination made between bisexual and lesbian women, but not necessarily bisexual and gay men."

Terrific job on your talk, Liz!